Summer week #1 at BSMC

Kaye Morris on July 8, 2015


Our first week of Vacation Bible School (June 30 - July 2) hosted an average of 90 children per day, ages K-5 through 12 years old. Brenda Duke and West Town Community Church volunteers did an amazing job as our leaders. The children enjoyed daily skits depicting Pharoah's refusal to LET MY PEOPLE GO! Last week's youngsters can tell you what happened when the leader refused Moses' requests to release the Jewish slaves. The kids got to act out the story as they witnessed the water turning into blood, saw boils pop up on the arms and legs of the Egyptians, made grasshoppers overtake the area, and tossed down hail on the land but only on the non-Jewish people, Thank you, West Town for a delightful week ministering to our inner city children. You indeed made The Word come to life! We invite you to come again next year and teach us more...