Pantry Needs

Kaye Morris on January 12, 2014

Working in the food pantry at BSMC gives each of us the feeling of family...... God's children serving others in accordance with His will; the Father and His children meeting needs by sharing the love of Jesus with our friends in this neighborhood; Christians demonstrating a loving compassion for others. What a blessing to be called to serve!

Abraham's Place has taken some very hard hits over the past year. Crippling hits! God called several faithful servants to join Him in Paradise. Lea Reynolds, the longest term client interviewer, was first to go home after yet another battle with cancer. Not long after her passing, God called literacy team member Jeneria Morton, and she went to her permanent home. Just a few days before Christmas, God again called one of the saints home. This time a powerful man of God, Chuck Keller, was taken. And now Pam Byrd, the receptionist in Abraham's Place, went home for her rewards. I rest assured that each of these precious souls are with Jesus. And I'm absolutely sure they would never want to come back after being in the presence of our Creator. But our hearts hurt as we get adjusted to losing them. Lord, please heal our wounded hearts!