** This ministry is returning!!

We are so excited. Our kickoff meeting is scheduled for July.

If you are interested in learning more about teaching or if you know of an adult who would like to learn to read - please call our center   **


Opening the power of God's Word
in the lives of those who cannot read .....        

Our adult literacy program provides one-on-one tutoring
which allows the student to move at his own pace. We use the Bible as part of the study text. If you're interested in volunteering to teach an adult to read and write, please
call BSMC at (706)722-5999.

If you know an adult who cannot read and write, please share this information with them. 


Please begin to pray now for those who are considering the next Literacy Training classes coming soon.

What Can I Do To Help?

Please pray for those who will be taking a new student through the Adult Reading and Writing classes. Please also pray for the new students as they begin to learn. This definitely takes alot of courage to take the first step ... for both student and  teacher.

 Praise God! To Him be the glory!