Will you help? 4554

Every day brings with it many needs. Will you prayerfully consider doing one of the following jobs?

  • Sort & tag clothes for the Boutique,
  • Kilz, then paint & decorate 2 boutique shoe benches.
  • Sort donations.
  • Sort & reorganize yard sale room.
  • Prime and paint walls of food pantry kitchen.
  • Clean and re-stain kitchen cabinets.
  • Replace runners on pantry kitchen drawers.
  • Spot wash walls and baseboards.
  • Organize literacy room supplies.
  • Cut out window in each of 4 office doors, caulk, trim out, then paint doors.
  • Organize tablecloth bins.
  • Install ceiling tiles in director's office closet and in hall janitor's closet.
  • Install drop ceiling in sanctuary and multi-purpose room.
  • Under-pin the storage shed out back.
  • For more information about Broad Street Ministry Center and how you can help, please call 706-722-5999.